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Hey Everyone,

Guess what? My yearly bliztkreig of promotion is beginning - ha! I've got a LOT of cool things coming up this year. Some I've been working on for quite a while and some I'm just starting.

Up first (and I'm quite excited about this) is the PLAYLIST ANTHOLOGY! It's over 200 pages of sequential work by yours truly and a collection of some of the best and up and coming artists out there. Who you might ask? Well, none other than artists like :iconmichaelharris: :iconarielakris: :iconerykkr: :iconjeeyon: :iconjorgecor: :iconjenhickman: and many more.

What makes Playlist so cool? Each story in Playlist is entirely taken (all words and dialogue and themes) from songs of some of the best bands around. The whold anthology is like listening to a great mix tape with your eyes. How cool is that?

I'm posting a preview of the story I'm drawing and plotting momentarily so you can see the awesome upcomingness.

How can you get a copy of this amazing book you might ask? Well, it's simple - we're running a Kickstarter for it! Just click here and pledge some money. We've got some great prizes including original 6x9 sketches, pages of ORIGINAL ART, and full-sized commissions.

Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it. Spread the word, tell your friends, link on every social network you belong to and sit back and wait for the awesome Playlist.

  • Listening to: Helen Walford
  • Reading: Bendis' X-Men
  • Watching: Community (finally)
  • Eating: Too muc healthy crap
Erykkr Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Professional
SWEEEEET! So pumped!
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February 15, 2013