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Hey Everyone,

Long time, no post. Sorry, between conventions and drawing monthly books, I've been busy.

Poseidon IX from Top Cow dropped last week and I drew it. Go check it out. Awesome sci-fi mermen adventures. Was a blast to draw.

The Tithe #5 from Top Cow drops NEXT week and I drew the issue. I'm on art for issues 5 - 8 and it's the start of a great new story arc. Go grab the trade of the first four issues while you're at it. A great thriller.

Salt Lake Comic Con is in TWO WEEKS. I'm taking pre show commissions. So if you want one, send me a message. I only do commissions at shows these days, so it's a great chance to get something from me.

Peace out!
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So, we're about a month out from Phoenix Comic Con (one of my favorite shows each year). I'm taking a few pre-show commissions, so message me if you're interested. I'll be doing some at the show, but if you want to ensure a piece (and have it be a bit nicer, since I'll have more time), hit me up. We can discuss.

ALSO - this year, every purchase at my table gets you a FREE Marvel/X-Men trading card from the 90s (vintage baby!). You literally CAN'T GO WRONG.

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So, I've got quite a bit of things going on here, and that's pretty cool.

First off, I just finished a book for Image/Top Cow that will be out in July. It's a one-shot in their IXth Generation universe called Athena IX. It was a blast to draw (and I killed myself on it) and I hope you like it. Ryan Cady wrote a great script and Jeremy Colwell :iconjeremycolwell: has done an amazing job with the colors. Solicit here.

Next up, I'm currently working on a digital comic prequel to the Sundance Channel's The Red Road series. It's been fun and will be rolling out for the next few months. Here is an article about it. And here is the link for the first chapter.

More to come and announce in time...
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Hey Everyone!

I'll be tabling at ECCC for the first time ever - so please come by and make it as awesome as everyone says it is;)

I'm at table NN-05 on the sixth floor (near the celebrities). I've got a few spaces for Pre-Commissions (for pickup at the show) and will be taking commissions there. Let me know if you want to get on the list.

Emerald City Commission Pricing Info (because people are asking):

6x9 Inked Bust - $20
Sketch Cover/9x12 Inked - $40
Sketch Cover/9x12 Copic Marker - $70


These prices are per figure - if you want more people or a larger piece, let me know and we can figure it out.


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Happy New Years Everyone!

And we're off and running with two cons in the first few months of the year.

I'll be a guest at Wizard World Portland on January 23-25 this year! If you'd like a commission, I'm opening spots up to have some done before hand that you can pick up there. Message me for details if you'd like one. I'll be doing commissions, selling prints, comics, and original art at the show. Stop by table B45 and say hi! I'll be the one sitting next to Kurt Busiek, starstruck.

AND I'll be tabling at Emerald City Comic Con on March 27 - 29. An even bigger show and my first time (finally) making it out for it. Again, I'm opening spots really early for that show, so I can make sure I draw you some good stuff. Let me know! I'll update when I have table placement information.

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Well, we have less than 2 weeks until Salt Lake Comic Con. I'll be tabling in Artist Alley (table Blue 5). As usual, I'll have prints and original for sale AS WELL as Convention Exclusive Variants of The F1rst Hero #1.

Also, I'll be taking and doing as many commission as I can during the show. It's going to be a busy show, so if you want a guaranteed (and possible nicer) commission, I'm opening up my list right now!

My prices are:
6x9 inked - $20
9x12/sketch cover inked - $50
9x12/sketch cover grayscale - $70

Prices are per character. For large commissions with multiple characters, let me know what you want and I can figure a price. I can do commissions on 11x17 if you'd like, but they will typically be more.

Message me if you're interested and will be attending the show!

More info and examples here.

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The miniseries I spent the better part of last year working on is finally hitting shelves this week! Releasing two weeks early (cause the world couldn't wait any longer), The F1rst Hero is a real-world superhero drama. I won't say more than that to spoil it, but go check it out! We worked our butts off on this issue. Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer with line art by me and colors by Fred Stresing.
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Is upon us this week.

I'll be rocking all weekend at booth 1934 with :icondavecomics:. I'll have prints, comics, and original art to sell. I'll also be doing commissions. Stop on by!
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So, everyone is posting their Free Comic Book Day plans. Guess I will too.

I'll be doing sketches and what not at Dragon's Keep in Provo, UT this Saturday. I'll have prints for sale too. Be hanging out with awesome artists JJ Harrison (Adventure Time), Jess Smart Smiley (Upside Down), Travis Walton (Schlock Mercenary), and Bill Galvan (Archie)! Truly talented folks. C'mon by!
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So, with less than two weeks left until Salt Lake Comic Con (FanX), I'm opening up PRE-COMMISSIONS for those who will be attending the show and want a guaranteed (and nicer than you would get at the show) commission. 

Message me if you're interested and I'll give you the show rates.

I'll be spending more time on these commissions than I will be able to for the ones I take at the show - so you'll get a nicer piece for the same price.

Spots are limited. 

**you have to be attending the show to pick up the commission**
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Welcome everyone! I've had quite a few new watchers in the last month or so. I'm very flattered! In addition to posting art here, I post WIP shots, links concerning projects I'm involved in and you may like, as well as information about commissions, upcoming appearances, and conventions on my facebook page here.

Let's see if we can't share the love!

If we can get over 500 likes by the end of the year, I'll give away a free 11x17 B&W commission to one of my followers.

If we can get over 1000, I'll give away THREE 11x17 Marker Commissions to my followers.

So, spread the word, share links, post on twitter/DA/Tumblr/facebook/websites, etc. 

Cool prizes if we get more followers!

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It's getting to be that time of year again (the "Holiday season" in case you were thinking of just "winter" or something), so I'm opening up a small list of commissions. 

I did something similar last year and had a blast. Because of time restrictions, this year will be a bit simpler.

I'll be doing 11x17 B&W commissions - 1 Character with background/design element for $75. 2 Characters for $100, etc (add $25 for each character). 

Now's the chance to get your very own Hipster Batman or Wolverine (or whomever else you want)

If you're interested in obtaining one for yourself or a loved one, shoot me a message. Spots are limited!

Follow me over at my Facebook artist page for updates and WIP at…
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Wow, what a weekend. Thanks to EVERYONE who came over and checked out Hipster Batman (and X-Men)! It's now been viewed over 100,000 times! I can't believe it. Thanks for your words, favorites, and watches! There's no way I can reply to every one of them and still make art, so I'll have to just say "Welcome! Hope you stick around."

I've got a new Facebook Artist page over at…. Follow me there for updates, WIPs, and sneak peeks.

I'm working on a new Hipster group piece this week (and probably next cause those suckers take a LOT of time to do). Got a few more in the pipeline after. 

I'll also be opening up some spots for Christmas Commissions in the next few weeks. I'll post prices and details soon, but start thinking if you wanna nab something from me for the holidays.

Thanks again!
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Hey all, started up an Artist Page on Facebook recently Head on over there if you wanna check out updates, in-progress work, and sneak peeks of things I'm working on.

Right here.

Or (if you don't trust links):…

***Also: more Hipster Superhero Groups pics coming soon - I've got two more in the pipeline. Let speculation begin...***

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I will be at table C2 this year, sharing space with the legendary Tom Lyle (Amazing Spider-man, Robin, etc)!

If you're going to be at the show and want a commission (I'll be doing busts, full-figures, and marker-rendered full figures), shoot me a message.

See you then!
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So, through an awesome twist of events, I'll be tabling this year at NYCC. I'll have more information shortly (location and UHmazing table mate) but I wanted to put it out that I'll be taking pre-show commissions for those who are attending and want one. I'm doing B&W inked busts, full figures, and copic rendered full figures. I'll post examples of them shortly. 

Message me if you're interested. Preshow jobs are the same price but nicer (since I'll have more time to do them). 
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I'll be in Artist Alley at the first annual Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend at table C8 - stop on by and say hi! I'll be doing commissions, selling prints and original artwork, and sorts of fun shenanigans. 

If you stop by and mention you know my from DA, I'll do a quick free sketch for you.

If you're interested in a commission, shoot me a message as I'll be taking pre-show commissions this week.

See you there.
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Hey Guys,

Been absent for a bit because I've been up to my eyeballs in work on a new series that was announced at SDCC - Action Lab's "The F1rst Hero"!

Here's the video from the Action Lab panel at the San Diego Comic Con where I was called up on stage (on the spot) to give a little info about the book. Link here.

I'm knee-deep in the third issue right now. The series is a real-world superhero story about a world where everyone who gains powers goes crazy. The government, to stem to flow of crazy, powered beings, enacts the Extrahuman Task Force, which hunts and kills said bad guys. Our hero, a war vet, manifests powers but DOESN'T lose his mind. Now, does he stay safe and keep his powers hidden, or use them to help others but bring the attention and ire of the government. The F1rst Hero is a four issue miniseries coming in early 2014 from Action Lab Entertainment. Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer, art by me, colors and letters by Keiren Smith :iconkeirensmith:, and covers by Lee Moder.

I'll post some art - a sneak peak for all you cool kids - in just a moment. Today Anthony launched an IndieGoGo campaign to cover the production costs on the book. He's got some killer incentives - including a digital subscription for just FIVE BUCKS - that's all four issues in PDF form for FIVE BUCKS. He also has some amazing incentives from people like Lee Moder, Francis Manapul :iconmanapul:, Marcus To :icon0boywonder0:, myself and others!

Check it out here and pledge some cash!

A lot of things going on that I'll update as I can, but this is the first of lots of good stuff!

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Hey Guys,

Lots of happenings right now. If you come to my booth this weekend at the Phoenix Comic Con - I'll tell you! Ha!

Either way, swing on by. I'll be doing a lot of awesome commissions, selling original art, and cool prints. I'm tabling with the always beardly :icondavecomics:. Good times will be had!

If you come by and say you know me from Deviant Art, I'll give you a free sketch!

Why not.


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Sounds like a James Bond movie, right? NO! It's a cool new comic from Monkey Brain comics by Michael Moreci and my buddy Drew Zucker :iconfireclerk12:

In the vein of Scalped and Deadwood, it's a bleak western series. It's only NINETY-NINE CENTS for TWENTY-THREE PAGES of comic. When was the last time you got that great of a deal? Hell, Marvel charges $4 for a (sometimes less than) 20 page digital comic. What a rip.

Killer deal. Cool comic.

Buy it here.
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